About Manzo

To ensure healthy and bountiful cotton crop farmers always get troubled the most by the White flies.

White flies and nymhs suck sap from the leaves and make them sticky. Sooty mold fungus appear on leaves which turns them black. This greatly affects the process of photo synthesis and the leaves start falling. As a result crop gets damaged and yield is reduced.

Manzo is effective solution for control of white flies and it’s family.

To resolve the problem of white fly attack on cotton crop Sumitomo presents a new, innovative and effective solution… Manzo.

Manzo is contact and systemic insecticide. One spray of Manzo controls sucking pests like White Flies, Thrips, Jassids and Aphid. Manzo is a perfect combination of two insecticides.

Manzo weakens the digestive system of insects as well as kills the white flies as soon as it comes in contact with it.

Manzo works on all stages of white flies like eggs, nymph and adult insect and inhibits their growth. That’s not all, Manzo also affect adult white flies capacity to lay eggs. This restricts further incidence of insects. In true sense Manzo completely destroys the full life cycle of White Fly.